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    December 10, 2021 2 min read

    Cooking, baking, lights, cards, and we must not forget - wrapping! Yes, it’s that time of year again. Typically it’s wrapping gift after gift with all kinds of wrapping paper. Big rolls of holiday, birthday, cartoon characters, polka-dots and even “glitter” wrapping paper!

    But unfortunately, that kind of wrapping paper (including the cute ribbons and tissue paper we use) is not recyclable. We now know how important it is to make eco-friendly wrapping choices so we don’t harm the environment. And there’s good news! There are so many eco-friendly alternatives.

    Stocking with presents coming out of it

    Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Alternatives

    Kids Clothes - That adorable purple top with those cute sleeves or that sports uniform that your little one wore when they were three. Well, guess what? They’re both perfect to use for wrapping gifts! Special keepsakes or even thrifted outfits make creative and eco-friendly wrapping ideas!

    Table Cloths or Sheets - Host a family or friends craft night and everyone can color, decorate and then wrap. And voila! It’s personal & eco-friendly.

    Food or Toy Boxes - You can use a cereal box or the box the Legos came in for someone’s last birthday. Just cut down to size or use as is. And another fun one is Oatmeal containers. They’re very sturdy & they can hold a fair amount too. Who knew?

    Scarves - These are great for decorative bows or for wrapping gifts. And with the colder temps, a scarf is always a useful and welcomed item.

    Kids Artwork - Perhaps your refrigerator is covered in your kid’s artwork but if you want to make room for more – use a bunch for wrapping as it’s a perfect way to put the beautiful drawings to good use. Or have your child draw pictures and help wrap gifts (as long as the gifts are not for them of course!). They’ll feel good about their creation AND they’ll learn about eco-friendly wrapping options. 

    Newspaper - Using the comics page is always a fun way to wrap a gift. It’s pretty much two gifts in one! 

    Magazines - This is a very cool way to wrap gifts because you can do themes, collages, scenery - the choices are endless and it’s fun too! 

    Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

    Presents wrapped in eco-friendly wrapping paper

    We live in an age where a wide variety of eco-friendly products are available too, from wrapping paper to bags, ribbons, and other accessories.

    As you begin your holiday festivities, your gifts will look divine and your recipients will know it was wrapped with “Meraki.” - with soul and love.

    As they say in Hollywood, that’s a wrap! Happy holidays!

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