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    December 03, 2021 3 min read

    The holidays are a special time of year where we all feel a bit more gracious, giving, and jolly. For those who have birthdays during that time, though, they can feel a bit slighted that they have to share their time in the spotlight with a major holiday. You may not be able to change your birthday date, but you CAN make them feel special in the midst of the holidays and make them feel loved and valued. Here are just a few ideas on how to make your loved one feel special on their December birthday.

    Separate Gatherings

    It can be difficult to gather friends and family, but somehow, it works out for the holidays and birthdays. It may be tempting to combine a birthday party and a Christmas gathering, but it speaks volumes to have a separate birthday party for the one you love. The unspoken message of having a separate party shows them they’re worth gathering for and celebrating just as much as it’s worth gathering for the big holidays.

    Having separate gatherings also means separating the birthday gifts from the Christmas gifts. Again, it can be tempting to do it all at once, but everyone should be able to feel like their birthday is its own holiday, not some mini event bundled up with another gathering or holiday.

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    Non-Christmas Themed Parties

    If your loved one’s birthday is before the holidays, one way you can make them feel special is by decorating the house with birthday decor as opposed to all holiday decor. However, if their birthday is too close to the holidays or even between Christmas and New Year’s, it may be a bit more complicated to take down all the decor. You can still spice up the house with birthday balloons and banners, and even incorporate them into the garlands and the Christmas tree. Plus, if your birthday person has a particular theme or something they like (ie Disney, animals, travel, etc.), then spice up the party with themed decor and food that doesn’t include Christmas cookies.

    Going Out Vs Staying In

    Birthday parties are often held at home, where it’s convenient for everyone to gather, sit around, and enjoy quality time together. And there are definite benefits to having a party at home, but since you’re probably hosting another gathering at home for the holidays, why not make the birthday something special by going outside of the house for a party? Go to an ice-rink, eat out at a special restaurant--do whatever fits into the interests of your birthday friend/family member so that it feels different from a holiday gathering.

    Personal Notes

    The truth is, not everyone will have your same priorities with making the birthday separate from the holidays. With the craziness of the holidays, some people may miss out on sending their December birthday cards in the mail, and so your loved one may coincidentally miss out on getting personal cards. Go the extra mile for them by writing them a meaningful note or card that lets them know that you see them, you love them, and they deserve love.

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    Celebrate Other Times of the Year

    Finally, there’s always time to celebrate a birthday any time of the year. Half birthdays are a great opportunity to celebrate and make your loved one feel extra special. Besides that, showing love year round, celebrating other times of the year, is a great reminder to show love and care each and every day.

    December babies can have it rough, but you can make it better by seeing them as an individual worth celebrating. Look at who they are, what they like, and treat them to a unique birthday celebration that showcases who they are and what they mean to you.

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