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    Tron Buffalo Horn Minimalist Bangle Bracelet (3pcs)

    Minimalistic and chic, this Tron Minimalist Buffalo Horn Bangles (3pcs) by Hathorway features three bangles made of ethically-sourced water buffalo horn, which is a by-product of waste, a chemical-free process, an organic material, and a one-of-a-kind piece. A minimalistic statement that is comfortable and soothing against your skin for your all-day wear. Because these carry simple, yet timeless aesthetics, they are perfect for your weekday work wear or for your casual weekend ensemble.

    Note:Since each bangle bracelet is handmade in an all-natural material, expect slight variations in size, color, and pattern.

    • Measurements:6.3 cm inner dia; 1.0 cm height (2.48 in inner dia, 0.4 in height)
    • Materials:Ethically-sourced water buffalo horn from Hanoi, Vietnam
    • Colors:Light Horn, Dark Horn, Honey Horn
    • Assembled:Hanoi, Vietnam
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