Shirley Chisholm Mini Notepad

No matter what you are hoping to accomplish in the day, week, month, or even the whole year, this Shirley Chisholm Mini Notepad, available at Meraki Paper, is perfect to have with you every step of the way. It features an original Shirley Chisholm illustration, as well as the quote, "If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair."

Chisholm broke down barriers throughout her life when she became the first black woman to be elected to the United States Congress in 1968. In 1972 she also became not only the first woman but also the first African American to seek the nomination for president of the United States. Chisholm was truly an inspiration to women everywhere.

Whether you are struggling with work, school, or life in general, this green notebook would be great to always have with you so you can write down your hopes, dreams, and goals. 

This small notepad is perfect for to-do lists, appointments, reminders, assignment due dates, hopes, dreams - basically anything you can think of. It would make a great addition to any gift basket for a friend or family member. From housewarming gifts to birthday presents - the possibilities are endless! 


  • Size: 4"x6"
  • 50 Sheets
  • Includes: Protective Plastic Sleeve