Health Journey Blank Greeting Card

If someone in your life is going on a wellness journey, then this Health Journey Blank Greeting Card, available at Meraki Paper, is perfect to show your support to that person in your life.

Choosing to make a lifestyle change, mentally or physically, can be a big challenge for many people. They may feel isolated or may feel like they can't talk to their loved ones about that journey. This card can be the perfect way to show that you care about them and offer them your support.

The notecard is blank on the inside, meaning that you can share your own personalized message with your friend or family member. You can offer them words of encouragement, advice on what they can do, inspiring and motivating quotes - anything you want to tell them, you can with this card. It can be a motivating card, an inspiring card, or any type of card!


  • A2 Card
  • Brown recycled kraft envelope 
  • Blank on the inside