Handmade Party Fan - 8"

This Handmade Party Fan is a unique party decoration to include in any gathering, small or large. You can leave them around the party and if a guest needs one they can grab one. It is available in 9 colors meaning that no matter what your color scheme is, there is something for every color. There are neutral colors to include or there are bright colors if you want to add a pop to any area. 

It would also make a great party favor to give your guests if you are hosting a summer party, whether that be a bridal shower or wedding, or birthday party. Guests can fan off and stay cool while still having a good time. 


  • Size: 8" Diameter 
  • Bamboo Handle Size: 3.5" 
  • Material: Paper and wood 
  • Handmade in Nepal 
  • 1 per package. 
    Gold Dots
    Gold Stripes
    Green Leaves
    Mini Black Dots
    Mini Gold Dots
    Mint Gold Dots
    Pink Scallops