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    Gold Glitter Unicorn Happy Birthday Décor Kit

    Your baby will look adorable with a unicorn party hat! Make sure to snap her picture underneath her Happy Birthday banner for a cherished keepsake photo. The gold glitter theme continues with a set of six cake topper cards whether you're celebrating the first month or a new milestone.

    Shimmering appeal and high-quality craftsmanship create an instant theme for your little one's festivities. This shining kit from Baby Aspen can be used at a moment's notice instead of scrambling around to find separate products that don't go as well together as this party set.


    • Includes: 1 party hat, 1 banner, 6 cake topper age cards, and 1 cake topper stick 
    • Banner: Rainbow-colored pennant-shaped cardstock with gold glitter letters on top that spell out "Happy Birthday". Three unicorn face icons are placed on either side of Happy Birthday and one in the middle for the spacer. The banner is pre-strung with white cotton string.
    • Headband: Plastic headband wrapped in pink cloth with a 3-D gold lame horn on top that has to fans flowers and pink tulle on the front. There are paper unicorn ears on either side of the horn in gold glitter cardstock with pink-colored inner ears.
    • Cake Topper Age Cards: Cardstock age cards are in the shape of a unicorn face with gold glitter numbers on the front from 1 to 6 with a total of 6 cards. The back of each card has a piece of velcro to stick to the cake topper stick.
    • Cake Topper Stick: Acrylic cake topper stick with a piece of velcro on one side.
    • Banner Size: 3.9"W x 71.7"D x 0.01"H 
    • Headband Size: 6.7"W x 9.8"D x 0.8"H 
    • Cake Topper Size: 1.6"W x 5.3"D x 0.1"H
    • Cardstock Numbers Size: 3.9"W x 6.1"D x 0.01"H
    • Packaged Size: 6.89"W x 2.36"D x 11.42"H

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