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    Birthday Yard Signs - Rainbow

    Celebrate socially-distanced birthdays with this fun-filled yard decor for someone in your household's birthday. The Birthday Yard Signs - Rainbow is available at Meraki Paper and will bring your quarantine birthday to life.

    Every birthday is special so let us find a way to help you celebrate your loved ones. You can ask your guests to honk for your husband, son, daughter, in-laws, or siblings with these happy birthday yard signs with stakes.

    The 8-piece colorful signs are bold and flashy. It will cover a large yard and be seen from blocks away. We hope the special person in your life is not shy because they will be getting a lot of attention!

    The birthday set comes with 16 metal stakes (2 metal stakes for each sign). Each sign is made out of corrugated plastic and is waterproof and weather resistant.

    Make the birthday star feel special while celebrating their socially distanced birthday. In fact, you will likely get more " honks" than you expected. People can honk all day for your big day! Do not forget to take pictures with this creative birthday décor!


    • Large Car Sign: 16.6"H x 24"W
    • Cupcake Signs: 9.5"H x 8.5"W
    • Ice Cream Cone Signs: 6.5"H x 15"W
    • Present Signs: 8.9"H x 8.5" W
    • Set Includes: 1 large car-shaped sign, 3 present signs, 2 cupcake signs, and 2 confetti signs. The large sign features Honk! It's My Birthday!

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