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    Tented Navy & Gold Table Numbers

    These Tented Navy & Gold Table Numbers are available at Meraki Paper and are perfect for any special occasion that requires a seating arrangement. 

    If you've ever been stargazing, you know that moment when the sun goes down, and the sky is awash with deep navy color, making the sky look stunning. 

    These navy table numbers manage to capture that hue and captures the allusion to the shining stars as well. The navy blue background is adorned with gold foil dots and gold foil numbering from 1 to 18 as well. 

    These are perfect to use when you are numbering tables for a special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary party, gala, or any other celebration event. If your wedding decorations and colors include either navy or gold, these table numbers would be the perfect addition to your special day.


    • Size: 4.01"W x 5.62"H folded
    • Material: Navy Cardstock and Shimmering Gold Foil
    • Set of 18

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