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    April 15, 2022 2 min read

    Baby showers often present the unique opportunity to give love and blessings to a first-time mother as she ventures into her first parenthood experience. Along with the opportunity to share joy, give wisdom, and provide a supportive community, baby showers are also a chance for guests to give meaningful gifts to the mother-to-be. Choosing a heartfelt and practical gift is sometimes a difficult task, so if you find yourself scrambling for that perfect gift, take a moment to browse our list of recommendations and unique ideas.

    Stuffed animals with a cupcake

    A Children’s Book

    In lieu of bringing cards to a shower, many mothers are requesting you give a copy of your favorite children’s book instead. Whether your shower is doing that or not, giving a children’s book is a great way to share something that impacted you and your family as well as giving the mother a chance to bond with her child over a meaningful story.

    Baby’s Basketful

    Another common practice with baby showers is to bring a basket full of meaningful gifts such as a big stuffed animal, a pack of diapers, and an adorable outfit. While piecing together your own basket is fun and personal, there are other options out there for premade baby baskets that give you a completed, thoughtful package. For example, this gorgeous basket includes an outfit, a blanket, a stuffed animal, and other useful items for both mother and child. 


    Any parent or grandparent knows that when it comes to bedding, it’s good to have a backup set or two or three. Infants tend to be messy, and when you need to switch out sheets, it’s better to have an extra set handy as opposed to waiting for one set to make its way through the wash. This also goes for blankets, bibs, and any other linens that tend to get messy frequently.

    A Journal

    A journal is more for the parents than for the child, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Embarking into parenthood is an adventure like no other, and with that, there are bound to be plenty of stories, thoughts, and feelings that call to be written down. You can personalize instructions with the journal if you want by telling the mom to write a letter in the journal on their child’s birthday each year, and then give the journal to their child when they’re an adult. There are so many unique ways to utilize a journal, so giving one to the expectant mother is a wonderful way to give her an outlet and a way to write what’s on her heart.

    Woman surrounded by baby shower food


    This isn’t a tangible present, although it can manifest itself in physical gifts. Baby showers aren’t all about the gifts after all; it’s an opportunity to come together and share the mother-to-be’s excitement and give her emotional support as she journeys into the unknown. Your presence is a first step in showing support, but keep this little family in mind as she finishes out her pregnancy and her child arrives. Whether you offer meals, babysitting, or a listening ear, this is the gift that keeps on giving.

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