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    February 04, 2022 3 min read

    Even in this modern age when tapping, swiping, and clicking are the norm, quality paper products have their place in our hearts and at our desks. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift, we hope you’ll find inspiration in our list of top 10 Meraki paper products for February.

    Meraki Paper February 2022 Shopping List

    #1. Library Borrower’s Card Thank You Note Set - Set of 12

    It’s true that Kindles and tablets are practical but can you really ever get over the nostalgia of printed and hardbound books? This set of thank you notes, which are made to look like old-school library cards, are sure to bring you back to afternoons in the library and the smell of aged paper.

    #2. Thank You Floral Watercolor Card

    If you love watercolors and flowers, then this A2-sized card is a beautiful way to say “thank you.” You can buy them individually or in boxed packs of 6. It comes with Kraft envelopes and sleeves.

    #3. Giant Square Confetti Balloon

    Got an event coming up? Add to the celebratory mood by getting these giant square confetti balloons. Fill them up with helium or air and pop them for an instant confetti shower. You can match the color of the confetti to the occasion by choosing among six different-colored confetti: bright rainbow, disco ball, golden, pearly shell, rose gold, and tropical.

    #4. Party Balloon Dog Treats in a Case of 12

    Indulge your favorite canine with these dog treats shaped like party balloons. Each pack of 12 comes with different-colored toppings so you, your dog, and guests will never get bored. Guaranteed safe and delicious for canines, these party treats use cage-free eggs, wildflower honey, and natural peanut butter.

    #5. Oh Happy Day Everything Balloon Bundle

    Instantly add color to any occasion with this balloon bundle from Oh Happy Day. These latex balloons come in a rainbow of colors and can instantly make any event more festive. Each order comes with 50 balloons where no two colors are the same.

    #6. Black Girl Magic Enamel Keychain

    This high-quality enamel keychain from Black Girl is chic and overflowing with positive vibes and attitude. It’s the perfect gift for your daughter, favorite girlfriend, and best friend.

    #7. CBT Daily Planner (Undated)

    The CBT Daily Planner is the perfect companion for those undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. It has templates where you can scribble in upcoming events, meetings, and items on your to-do list. The margins helpfully incorporate printed reminders on how to maintain emotional and mental health while practicing gratitude.

    #8. “One Line A Day” Five Year Journal in Navy Floral

    Want to see how you’re changing through the years? The “One Line A Day” Five Year Journal lets you write a short description of your day and well-being on each page and compare how you were doing the same time last year. Each journal with gold foil edges lets you record your day for five years so you can see how you’ve developed during that time.

    #9. “To do Lists” Notebook

    Here's a gift idea for all the procrastinators in your life. This snarky hardbound notebook has “A notebook for all your ‘to-do’ lists that you'll never do” printed on the cover. It has 128 pages to house your thoughts and to-do lists.

    #10. GRL PWR Notebook

    With “GRL PWR” printed against a bright pink cover, this notebook is a cute way of encouraging girls to support other girls. Each notebook comes with a soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cover, 80 lined pages, a ribbon bookmark, and an elastic closure.

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