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    March 18, 2022 3 min read

    When you’re giving a special gift, it’s only natural that you take it a step further and do something special with the gift wrap. In the springtime, you can even use flowers in the wrapping process to make the present even more beautiful and add in a fresh, special element. Not sure how to go about it? Here are some ideas on how to use spring flowers in your wrapping projects!

    Dried vs Fresh Flowers

    Whether you use dried flowers or fresh ones is entirely up to you. One factor to consider is that if you do use fresh flowers, be sure that they’re dried enough that they won’t get the wrapping paper wet or damp, but healthy enough to be alive for the time that they’re out of water.

    Experiment on your own to see what works and what doesn’t in terms of fresh flowers and how long they stay healthy with your packaging. Or, if your gift recipient is sensitive to pollen, decorate your packaging with faux flowers instead. Silk flowers, wood flowers, and even paper flowers are available at craft stores, Etsy, and other retailers, so you can still give flowers to that friend who likes how they look but isn’t excited about how they make them feel.

    Ribbon and Twine Wrapping

    Ribbon vs Twine

    Ribbons tend to convey a certain tone and are more elevated compared to twine. Both are fine, remember to think about the tone of your tie and what mood the flowers evoke, whether it’s rustic and charming with simple, sparse flowers or something more elegant like red roses. Play around with your packaging, your volume of flowers, and their positioning with different sorts of ribbons and twines to see which you prefer.

    Kraft Wrapping Paper

    If you want to create a rustic package, going with a simple brown or kraft paper wrapping paper is a great way to establish the look. Then, you can attach your flowers to the package by using a thin rope twine just like you would with any other ribbon.

    You can keep it simple if you have a large bundle of flowers, or you can tie it in a bow in the center to make up for flowers that have little foliage. Pansy over at Mustloveroses shares her vision with this simple gift wrap, and she has plenty more stunning ideas on her page.

    Other Wrapping Paper

    White is another good backdrop for this project since bright spring flowers can pop against it and stand out. You can also use wrapping paper with some detail on it, such as polka dots, stripes, or other minimal details. If you have too many flowers and have them spread out, you may want to go with plain wrapping paper, but feel free to experiment to create your signature look.

    Wrapping paper with flowers


    Bykellykathleen on Instagram shows off the clever idea of wrapping your gift with flowers AND naturally including a card in the packaging! By combining a simple white package with a brown envelope and a single flower, you allow each element to build on one another without competing against each other for the spotlight. Of course, you can mix up the shades of paper products you use and what you do with flowers, but this is a brilliant idea to have a completed beautiful package.

    Flower Vase Art Wrapping

    If you are a bit more artistic or have a way of tracing an image onto another surface, you can always create your own artwork on the wrapping paper by drawing on a vase or jar. This clever idea from Clever Poppy allows you to gift those flowers and do it artistically and uniquely.

    There are even more ways to get creative with using spring flowers in your wrapping, and I’d love to hear about them! Share your thoughts and creative wrapping skills in the comments so that we can all give beautiful, bountiful floral gifts.

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